Contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away permanently!

Our Coolslimming 360 Technology Fat Freezing procedure is safe, requires absolutely no down time and can be done in as little time as it takes to have lunch! Treatments are quick, pain free, and there is no recovery time making this a perfect alternative to traditional liposuction surgery.

Our Revolutionary CoolSlimming Machine has 4 handles which can be used simultaneously to treat 4 areas at once. Each treatment could remove up to 40% of fat cells, once they are gone, they are gone permanently!

How it works

Subcutaneous fat sits under the skin, as opposed to visceral fat which surrounds the organs. Everyone has some subcutaneous fat, and that’s the fat CoolSlimming is designed to freeze and destroy. CoolSlimming™ Fat Freezing uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target and destroy fat cells, without harming the surrounding tissues and nerves.

During a CoolSlimming™ Fat Freezing treatment, a gel pad and applicator is applied to the treatment area. Controlled cooling is safely delivered to the targeted fat. The fat cells are frozen at a temperature between 0℃ to -11℃ depending on the amount of fat. When the fat cells are frozen to the point of damage they die and never come back.

Once the treated fat cells are crystalised, over the next 3-12 weeks they are naturally processed and eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system.

Benefits of the CoolSlimming 360° Cryolipolysis Machine

  • Up to 40% fat cell reduction per cycle

  • Safe, No Pain and Non Invasive

  • Treats stubborn areas of fat  with no downtime

  • Able to treat 4 areas at once

  • <1 hour Treatment Time for 1-4 Areas

  • Mini Applicator for under the  Chin

  • 360° Applicators

  • Permanent Fat Removal

“If you want to relax, watch the clouds pass by if you’re laying on the grass, or sit in front of the creek; just doing nothing and having those still moments is what really rejuvenates the body…”.

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Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.