Upon entering you will be greeted by one of our friendly “Freeze Therapists” who will ask you to fill out a new client questionnaire and waiver form. You will be directed to a dressing room where you can place your clothes and belongings and change into your comfy NC robe. Guys need to keep some underwear bottoms on, while for the girls underwear is optional (the more skin exposure the better). Next its time to step into our Cryosauna! Once you are inside and the door is closed, you will take off your robe and hand it over the side to the therapist. The session will begin with a burst of hyper-cooled air which will circulate around your body. The temperature will begin to drop rapidly and your body and brain will respond in some amazing ways! If this is your first time doing cryotherapy with us, the session will only last a little over 2 minutes, and the cold intensity will be less than that of our typical session. After the session is complete you will be handed your robe and escorted back to the dressing room. Enjoy the rush! We want every experience at Coastal Cryo to be a positive one. Book an appointment by calling in, visiting our website, facebook page or just by walking in to our clinic.